Are Hair Extensions Right for You?

Billy’s Hair Salon of Mt. Kisco is proud to offer a new professional line of Hair Extensions, the So.Cap AdHexive Line. These are the most current and latest innovation of hair extensions here from the experts at SoCap Original USA Hair Extensions. SoCap has introduced a new temporary hair extension system that takes less time to apply and does not require any special equipment. Quality results are expected with our high-quality hair extensions which are applied faster and are easy to maintain as well.

Are Hair Extensions similar to my own hair?

The So.Cap AdHexive Hair Extension Line is available in both wavy and straight textures and in a variety of hair colors to best match and fit your original hair.

Are Hair Extensions temporary?

Yes. These unique hair extensions are for salon professional use and are a great way to offer a temporary alternative to traditional hair extensions.

Clients can get a taste of what they would experience from more permanent applications without the commitment of a long application process.

Also, these adhesive hair extensions are a much better choice than clip-ins for women wanting a high-quality but short-term hair extension solution.

Why you should choose AdHEXive Hair Extensions

AdHEXive line is a fast and affordable alternative to traditional hair extensions. They are perfect for anyone who is hesitant to make the commitment to bonded keratin tip hair extensions or for those who simply want a temporary look for a special event, to enjoy added length or extra volume. The full application time needed for adhesive hair extensions is approximately 1-2 hours, depending on your hair and the amount of extensions used. AdHEXive hair extensions are also reusable once removed, but can be reapplied in one visit by our salon professionals at Billy’s Hair Salon of Mt. Kisco.

How do I maintain my Hair Extensions?

If you have hair extensions, you should always brush your hair gently to avoid accidentally pulling the adhesive tape out and straining the extensions. With proper maintenance and the use of specialty hair extension products is encouraged in order to properly maintain the hair. The adhesive extensions will stay in place for up to two months and can be easily reapplied for you in one visit. The hair extensions can be removed at any time.

Not sure if Hair Extensions are right for you? Call 914-666-9077 to book a free consultation.

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