Curly Hair FAQs - The Ultimate Curly Hair Care Guide

Billy’s Hair Salon of Mt. Kisco provides only the very best in curly hair care. Our stylist, Vanessa Mancone, a Deva Curl Advanced Stylist known as the curly stylist guru has been styling and specializing in curly hair for 17+ years.

Do all curly hair types require the same type of care?

No, each curl type is unique. How to care for them is tailored to each specific type of curl and to the person’s lifestyle.

Washing Curly Hair

Should I wash my hair daily?

No. It is not recommended to wash your hair daily, generally you should wash your hair 1-3 times per week, but this differs from person to person. If your curls looks great when you wake up, just restyle with a product such as, Deva Curl’s Set It Free.

Is Sulfate-Free Shampoo the best for Curls?

What is the benefit to using Sulfate-Free Shampoo on my curls?

Yes. Using Sulfate-Free Shampoo works best in providing the correct amount of moisture without stripping or coating the hair. Deva Curl offers an extensive line of professional curly hair products which offers a sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free, non-chemical shampoo. Two of the most popular Deva Curl products is the “No Poo” (featuring no suds) and a “Low Poo” (some suds) option.

Curly Hair Styling

How do I style my curly hair?

To maintain a healthy style for your curls, you may wet your curls down with water, recondition and then apply a curly styling product such as, Deva Curl’s Set It Free.

Is there a way to add shape to your curly hair without making the shape look too puffy?

Yes. If the hair is layered properly to your curl type, we can create a more elongated look with layers. Also, on the other hand a layered look can be used to create volume on flat, hanging curls. It’s all about how its layered combined with the proper use of products.

Curly Hair Products

What types of styling products should I use to style my curls?

Deva Curl products provide an extensive non-chemical sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free line of professional curly hair products.

Do not use any types of styling products which contain parabens, silicones and sulfates. These will coat or strip the hair of its natural oils, preventing the absorption of moisture.

Dry Curly Hair Cuts

Is a dry haircut technique better than a regular haircut better for curls?

One of the advantages of using the curly dry-cut technique is that it allows us to see each individual curl grouping and further envision the proper length and optimal composition of the overall form and structure of the hair.

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Curly Hair Care

Do you suggest using a Hair Dryer for curly hair?

In general the hair should not be disturbed and the drying process should never be sped up. The point in time at which hair dries, is referred to as the “Conversion Point”. Depending on the specifics of a person’s hair, there is a moment in time when the hair will lock into place; where the ‘style’ will take place. With curly hair, the overall weight of the curl will determine the style of the hair. More weight, will turn a curl into a wave, etc. Working within those right moments during your hairs specific conversion point will dictate the result of the style. Curly hair products are a perfect tool for setting the style of hair. The specially formulated tackiness of a curly hair product, such as Deva Curl’s Arch Angel or Light Defining Gel. These specials products create a glue which adheres shorter hair to the larger group of the curl. Thus, these products will reduce frizz by “locking” in (no pun intended) moisture and keepin the shape of the curl.

Overnight Curly Hair Care

How should I sleep with my curls so they still look good the next day?

This will depend mostly on the length of your hair. Some hair types can get away with keeping their hair down (they are the lucky ones). Most people (especially long hair) do best by taking an old soft stretched-out scrunchy or hair tie and loosely piling it on top of your head in a loose ponytail in order to not stress the shape or structure of your curls.

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