Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions

Billy's Hair Salon of Mt. Kisco introduces Natural Beaded Row (NBR) Hair Extensions by Daniela.

NBR is a unique hair extension method to create the same look and feel of your own hair. The extensions are placed on a "track" exclusive bead and string technique and are then sewn or weft into your hair. The extensions are then cut, colored, and blended to your real hair to create a more beautiful and natural look! Call for a free complimentary consultation with Daniela (914) 666-9077. Click here to read more about our new stylist Daniela, proficient in all types of hair design and color.

What are the benefits of choosing Natural Beaded Row (NBR) Hair Extensions?

  • Natural Looking
  • Hidden
  • Lightweight yet full
  • Comfortable
  • Won’t slip out
  • Less damage
  • No glue or tape involved
  • Your natural hair can still grow!

Do the extensions feel like real hair?

  • YES! You will be shocked at how real it feels. No one will be able to tell the difference between your hair and the extension hair.

Does your real hair blend with the extension hair?

  • YES!!! These hair extensions blend exceptionally well with your own hair.

Can you style NBR hair like you would your own hair?

  • Yes, 100%, the extensions are meant to be treated like your real hair. Blow dry, straighten, curl, etc. Remember- it’s real hair so it can be treated the same as normal hair!

What kind of hair is used?

  • 100% human Bohyme Lux extension hair.

Is the application painful?

  • Not at all. Clients tell us it feels totally comfortable.

How often do you have to maintain them?

  • About every 6-8 weeks you will need to get your rows of hair moved up since there is natural hair growth. This recommended timing also depends on your natural hair growth and how well you treat your hair!
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