Why You Should Elumen Your Hair

What is Elumen Hair Color?

Elumen is a great color choice for anyone wishing to restore the healthy look of their hair. A semi-permanent hair color choice, also used to restore shine.

Is Elumen the right hair color for you?

Elumen is tool used by (professional) hairdressers. To find out if you are a candidate for Elumen, you may book a free consultation with your hairstylist at Billy’s.

Why choose Elumen for your next hair color treatment?

The Elumen hair color system by Goldwell is in a category of its own. It is considered to be a high-performance hair coloring product, used only at top-quality hair salons.

Can Elumen restore shine?

Yes. Elumen deposits color differently, deeper than any other coloring product on the market.
Elumen allows the light to quickly reflect off of a deeper layer of the hair shaft, enhancing the shine.

Is Elumen permanent?

No. Elumen is non-lightening, a semi-permanent hair coloring system.

How is Elumen different from other types of hair color products?

Elumen has unique ability to deposit deeper color into the the hair shaft without changing the structure of the hair.

Elumen hair color treatment creates a molecular bond to the hair without breaking the integrity of the hair shaft. Other types of hair color systems open up the hair shaft to deposit color, by the use of a color developer consisting of multiple strengths and volumes.

Elumen is “A coloring process that eclipses conventional technologies: the Elumen magnet-effect creates a new dimension of intensity and durability. Intensive Elumen pigments are physically drawn deep inside the hair where they are anchored securely to produce amazingly intensive and remarkably long-lasting color results.”

- Goldwell.us

What types of colors can you choose?

Elumen comes in a wide variety of colors. You and your stylist will help you choose from an array of bright, bright, deep and pure colors. You may also choose a color similar to your own hair color to enhance your natural look.

Can you lighten your hair color with Elumen?

No. You cannot lighten your hair shade with Elumen. Contact us for additional types of color service options to lighten your hair such as highlights or balayage - a free hand-painting technique.

What types of color are included in the Elumen packages?
The Elumen color palette offers a range of colors, three palette types : Light, Bright, Deep & Pure.

What is the best way to choose an Elumen hair color?

Since hair color interacts with the already existing palette of your current color, your hair care staff professional at Billy’s is always available to consult with you for the best choice of Elumen colors, best suited for your hair.

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