Winter = Hair Mask Treatments

A Hair Mask Treatment is recommended to restore that healthy, smooth look and feel of your hair. At Billy's Hair Salon our Hair Mask / Deep Moisturizing treatments come in a variety to match the unique structure of your hair (curly, straight, thick, thin etc.) Book your Hair Mask Treatment

During the colder months of Winter, heat directly impacts and drys out the hair. It is when we need to turn up the heat in our house, car and office, we make use of the wood-burning stove, the fireplace- removing all moisture from the air. Our hair ends up dry, broken and heat-damaged. Our scalp develops winter dandruff an excessive amount of dry, flaky skin. The split ends of our hair tend show up a little faster, overall the hair feels and even looks dry.

Need an intense treatment? Read about our Meu Moisturizing Treatment.

For information about Split End micro-cut technology read more about our Split-End Treatments here.

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